What is the world’s most dangerous city of night life in Caracas?


The killing rate in Caracas is the highest in the world.

Caracas, Venezuela, was the Most dangerous capital City in the World in 2017, according to a new study that underscores how Latin America remains one of the bloodiest swaths of the planet.

The night, Caracas, is deserted. After the sun has been reduced, the rules have the courage to pass through the dark streets. Just some cars and pedestrian passengers are returning to their homes in the dark. In no time is the most jug of Latin America, the city of Caracas is affected by the economic crisis and now the killing rate is the highest in the world. Nevertheless, there are still some citizens who find ways to enjoy life.

The rich area of Caracas Los Mercedes is traditionally the busiest part of the city.

Carven Silva is a doctor in the local hospital and is involved in a ceremony with the maternal, a local rustic, in the basement to celebrate the 100 days before becoming an expert in his certified specialist child, which is named Beran Is being held.

In Venezuela, such events are usually organized. They did not have a bridesmaid partner. After the operation of the nose, their wounds have not been healing yet. Despite the economic crisis, some still do plastic surgery to make their own well-being.

“The bad cause of our coming here is a security here, because we know that there can be no harm to us,” Carven said, while doing some pause in the dance.

There are many places in Bervat. A happy dress of Caracas is a citizen who is called Keratlios, who are gathering near expensive cars. Beggars are seen to be surrounded by fond people of these meetings of dance and Sarod. Everyone has to undergo security before entering the club. Men and women of male personnel search for women. A bit of a passion is found in the case of security.

Inside is a crowd and the assembly is hot. But the regular stance here is that there are no people who came before the crisis. “It was difficult to find the first place and had a khowa,” she said. “On Thursday, you had to get a lot of people at night. This place seems so empty now.


A living in Caracas says that some people still have enough Money.

In the busiest Nightclub Yan Sebastian Bar of Caracas, the idea was reinforced by the Snichre night. This place is almost empty, the customers are looking at their employees. There is no difference between the Carin and their friends at Bervat. They are happily sharing a bottle of rum that they bought in three 300,000 boulevard (local currency), or $15. It is more than a month-long earning, but like other government servants in Venezuela, they also do other things to increase their income.

Women and gentlemen are on the move and Dance to the specific music of Latin America. They’re looking to take pictures of each other, making it a pose for posting on social media as they’ve been making a walk. About three o’clock at night, the circle comes on color.

The national flag for citizens of Venezuela in dance and sarod meetings is normal.

In the dance room, you are inviting them to dance. The night has come to a full-scale. One person gives the ultimate hoist. In the rain of coloured leaves, the establishment of the paper is that the flag is a tradition for every occasion. ‘
Fade dances are the bottles in the hands of primitive emoji with which they are directly extracted to the throat of the family.
‘Severe crisis’
The noise of music at a specific point for smoking is something less can be discussed. Arnistu says, “foreigners are stunned by our incredible meetings.” “They wonder how this is possible during such a severe economic crisis in Venezuela.” But here still, especially in Caracas, people have money. ‘
There are no ways to enjoy the rich and poor night life in Caracas

But things are not good for themselves. He is the owner of a company providing medicines to government hospitals. The US supplier does not want to deal with them after the announcement of economic sanctions on Venezuela by President Donald Trump, he says.

At some distance from Bervat the area is the most popular nightclub La Queenon bar. It looks very garish from outside. The screens and newlights are much brighter than the lights on the road. There are many places in the country to pay US dollars for admission. For men there is a five-dollar admission fee for ten more women.

But in Caracas, those who do not have the ability to go to these parties have other opportunities. In the west of La Mercedes is a poor population like La paa.

These people stand on the street and street nook and listen to the wine jam, and hear music. These high scarlet are mostly being taken up by a car speaker. Cars often provide space for the assembly. Cars and big cars suddenly put music on a petrol pump and see people gathering the MUSICALES dance and Sarod. Then there are places like La Tskoeta where people dance overnight at local music heating. Here is a cheap entertainment equipment

This was started 35 years ago, its customers are ripe. There is no foreign drink, no professional and no light glare. The owner, who owns it here, chooses songs with the duties of Butler. Most of the music islands are based on western Kitab’s tunes. By choosing the next song on his laptop, he said, “This business was started by my mother.”

People on Music live dance all Night in Caracas.

Here is the delectable alcohol cocoa that is made up of kakiin. It is a plant that is used to distill tequila. The price of a bottle of alcohol cocoa is 14,000, which is less than one dollar. Today, a lot of customers from La Tskoeta have not come. He has decided to be on the hill of San Agastein. Nine o’clock in the morning and the assembly is going on. “Despite the waterborne economy of Venezuela, their business is going well,” said Prawasen. People are coming. They take the money to eat a drink.


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