US and Iran: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Saudi king King Salman.

Saudi Arabia’s king, Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz, has met with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Jeddah during a growing tension between America and Iran.

According to the Saudi government news agency, the ESTA has discussed the strategic relationship between the two friends.

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‘ We will not be dealt with in any danger ‘

During the meeting, both Saudi Arabia and the US ambassador, Saudi Foreign minister and other government officials were also present.

The US President Donald Trump has further increased tensions between Iran and America after the 2015 Treaty of restricting nuclear programme with Iran.

On 20th June, Iran killed the United States without a pilot drone. After which the two countries recognized that the drone was shot down, but where it did not agree. Iran claims that without a pilot plane entered its air space, while America’s stance is that its planes were thrown into international air.

According to President Trump, US Army was ready to respond against Iran after the US military drone dropped by Iran, but they changed their intention just ten minutes ago.

“The United States is ready for talks, but it will not make Iran a nuclear weapon,” he told US TV channel, speaking on Friday.
Iran and America: an old battle:

There is a prolonged tension growth between the two countries. The US has recently imposed a charge of attacking oil tankers in the region on Iran, while Iran has announced that it will soon increase its nuclear programme.

The United States has called for a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss Iran’s issue.

According to the US reports, the United States was attacked by a cyber attack on the Iranian weapons system on Thursday to withdraw an air attack on Iran by President Trump.

Iran responsible for ‘ attack on Tenkers ‘ in Gulf Oman:

Iran uses landmines: US allegation:

The growing tensions between the world and Iran after America’s military threat is being demonstrated anti-war in Washington.

The US newspaper Washington Post claimed that the cyber attack was affecting the computer systems that were controlled by the rocket and missile launcher.This computer system could not be confirmed by free means.

According to the New York Times, this cyber attack was in response to the attack on the American drone of Iran and the attacks on oil tanks in Gulf Omman.According to the US, Iran is behind the attacks on oil tanks, but Iran has denied these charges.

On the other hand, US national security adviser John Bolton, speaking to the media in Jerusalem, said the details of new sanctions imposed on Iran by President Trump would likely come to the foot.

“No one was granted a license to hunt Iran in the Middle East,” he further said.

“The alleged cyber-attack of America was being planned for several weeks,” American media quoted sources.

According to sources, authorities were advised to respond to the attack of landmines on oil tanks in Gulf Amman in this manner.

In 2015, after a nuclear agreement with the world powers, an extent of Iran’s Uranium were made. In return, some restrictions were abolished and Iran could export oil which is a major source of the Iranian government.

But America ended the agreement last year and imposed sanctions again. Due to this economic crisis came in Iran, its currency was broken down to the extent and foreign investors were also removed.

Iran has also announced the exit of promises made under the nuclear agreement.



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