Special platform for advertising of Pakistani products.

Karachi: Special platform in the name of “E Com B R I” was developed for advertising in the world of Pakistan products.

Pakistan has prepared a special platform for advertising in the world of Pakistani products on the global website, Ali Baba dot com.The platform will provide the opportunity to advertise products and services manufactured by small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in 100 countries of the world linked to the “Belt and Route” project associated with communication across different regions of China.

The initiative, “Dr. Khurshid, president of the ecommerce gateway, provided details on the” e-com Bibi dot com “by media briefing in Karachi last day, adding a joint project for Pakistan and China’s small-and-mid business in the global markets. To get the place. China can perform a corridor for Pakistan in the world.

China likes shared plans very much and seeks to facilitate Pakistani businesses. The great plan of the belt and route to Pakistan can be a full benefit to the official inauguration of the portal in the ICICI Asia exhibition.

The portal will make it a source of online and offline advertising of Pakistani SMEs ‘ products, Dr. Khursheed said. The e-commerce Gateway will propagate the Pakistani products in 100 countries in the world through this portal, while Pakistani companies will also be placed in the world’s largest import exhibits in China.

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