Seeking Life in the universe: Discovering water on the planet for life.

The planet K2-18b believes that the water rate in its environment is 50%.

Astronomers have found water for the first time in a planet where life can be possible. As appropriate for life, the planet is circulating so far in space around one star that can make life possible.

K2-18b This planet has become a major candidate in search of life outside the Earth in the universe after this discovery.

Now the next step is to prove that there are such gases in the atmosphere of this planet that can make life possible. There will be a new and more powerful telescope and it can take up to ten years to do so.

Experts shocked at the discovery of Big Planet.

The largest and most distant black hole discovered.

The greatest satellites in the land.

The description of this discovery is published in the Science magazine ‘ Nature of the sciences ‘.

Professor of the leader of the Scientist University College of London, Prof. Wana Tennessee, has described this discovery of water as “conscious-blowing discovery”.

“For the first time, we have seen water signs on a planet that is circulating so far from its stars that life may be possible,” he said.

According to University College Dr. Ango Waldman, the planet K2-18b is 111 light years from the Earth, i.e. 650 million miles and is not possible to send a space vehicle.

“In this situation, we have to wait for the new models of the telescope in the space that will be ready in the year 2020,” he said, to find out about the existence of life. With the help of these telescope, we will be able to discover the presence of such gas in the atmosphere of the planet, which may arise from the existence of life.

What happens ‘ exoplanet ‘?

These planets are called “Exoplanet” in English, which are beyond our solar system.

The first Exoplanet was discovered in 1992. Using a variety of ways, humans have discovered four thousand planets so far out of their solar system.

Many of these worlds think that their size is as the name of Jupiter or Neptune.

Many big-size planets have been found to go around very close to their stars.

The newly discovered planet is two times larger than the Earth. Its temperature is between zero and 40 degrees Celsius and there may be water.

With experts, this discovery revives the question whether the earth is the only place in the universe.

Difficult question?

Now there is a difficult question whose answer is to find astronomy, what gas that will be considered as the ultimate proof of life on this planet. Experts do not agree. This will potentially have to do a chemical analysis of hundreds of worlds.

The mission of the European Space Agency ‘ ESA ‘ Ariel which will launch in 2028 can help to seek life away from the earth.

Edinburgh University’s Dr. Elizabeth Bir believes that one day would be proof of life on the planet around any other star.

However, he said, this life will be of little beasts that cannot be seen with the eye.

NASA’s James Web Space 2021 telescope will launch the Ariel mission of the European Space Agency after seven years. With their help, experts will be able to better analyse the environment of astronomy and other worlds.

Water discovery.

The water has already been found on other planets, but they were not suitable for life. Finding a low-temperature planet is hard work.

The planet K2-18b was discovered in the Sun 2015. This is a count of hundreds of planets that are mass in between the Earth and Neptune. It is expected that in the next few years NASA will have hundreds more discoveries.


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