North Korean experience of two ballistic missiles and that short-range.



North Korea (Web desk) North Korea has once again experienced two ballistic and that hit a short distance south of the Peengyang province. The experiments from Kim Jong Wool government have been made immediately after the announcement that they Nuclear negotiations are going to resume the suspension of the United States in the fall. On the other hand, South Korea military officials say these two short-range and have been experienced in the capital of Phyyang (50 miles) away from the city of 80 km.The statement issued by the Japanese military authorities said that no missile has reached their land or its specific economic zone, nor is it a threat to national security. Two weeks ago, North Korea also experienced two short-distance missiles on the east coast.This was the seventh missile experience made in the month of North Korea, according to the International Mercury Organization. “These missile experiments have been carried out by the United States and South Korea for joint military exercises, because the impression is being established that these two countries are preparing an attack on North Korea,” said South Korean military officials.
On the other hand, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong-u administration, has been very angry at the strict statement given against North Korea. North Korea’s foreign minister has called Mike Pompeo as “toxic plants” for diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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