France: The company responsible for killing during sex on business visit

A French company has been responsible for the death of his employee, who died from a heart attack while having sex with a stranger during a business visit.

A French court ordered the employee’s death as a “industrial accident” during sex on a business visit, entitled Hulegu of the person who died in the crash.

The company had agreed that when a woman came to her employee’s hotel room for sex, she was not performing professional duties, so the company is not responsible for their destruction.


In France, the age of consent for sex 15 years.

France: Protests against money banning ‘ sex services ‘.

The woman did not scream, and she rejected the rap..

Under French law, the company will be responsible for its death if an employee dies while performing professional duties during a business visit.

The man named Zavior X, who was killed in the industrial accident, was an employee of the Paris Railway services company, CEO.

The work in Zavior X 2013 went to the central France area where the company was killed by a heart attack during sex with a stranger.

The company challenged the decision to make it a ‘ work death ‘ on behalf of state health insurance in court.

The company has a stance in court that the sex act is also a common act of eating and bathing.

The Paris court state insurance company retained its decision.

Under the French law, the two employees of the business visit are entitled to social security for all time.

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