Biggest smartphone ‘ galaxy fold ‘ available from September 6



Washington — A company with innovative electronic devices, SamSung on Thursday that he is offering his first fold (basement) mobile phone ‘ galaxy ‘ for sale in South Korea on September 6.

This phone has also been supplied by Wireless’s latest speed technology 5 G.Galaxy fold has been declared the world’s largest smartphone according to its size. It opens like a book and its size becomes 7.3 inches after it opens.

SamSung plans to offer his smartphone galaxy a fold for sale in the UK, France and Germany in less than two weeks, while planning about his release in the United States.

Before the phone was released in the United States in April, the screen of its initial spinners indicated some defects, followed by its sale.

In Galaxy fold, users are facilitated that they can open three apps at the same time on their screen. That will make it easier to work on many applications simultaneously.

Galaxy is a fold-in processor Core 8. The camera of 10 mega pixels is installed on the front of the phone while three cameras have been planted on the previous side. One of 16 mega pixels and the other two is 12 mega pixels.

The phone has 12 G.b Memory provided and 512 G-B has been silenced for more data saving. A longer-lasting power battery is installed in the phone.

The Galaxy went through a stringent test before presenting a fold in the market. It was opened and fold more than 2 lakh times a week. During this experience, the phone’s screen was protected from being cracked. The company will bear 70% of repairs, however, Samsung says, causing an error in the screen.

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