Apple introduces iphone 11 and series 5 Watch.

Famous technology company appeals introduce different models of iphone 11.

The famous technology company Apple has introduced various models of iphone 11 that have more cameras than ever and it works faster using compatible processor low power in modernization.The company says that two new models of iphone 10 Pro will work for four to five hours more than the older models.

Apple has not launched the five-G model, while some people say there are some other features. Apple has also introduced a new version of the smart Watch, which is first given the “All-time-online” feature.

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Apple indicates reduction of iphone prices.

The series five watch has been said that her battery life will be 18 hours.

The clock has a compass option, as well as a titanium kiosk. This watch will also inform the wearer about the level of noise of the surrounding camp.

Apple says that it will keep the phone series 3 models in the market at the moment and the price will be approximately 199 USD.

“I love the promotion of Apple’s health and safety skills, but I am disappointed in not seeing the features described,” analyst Patrick Morhead said. ’

The series five watch says her battery life will be 18 hours.
According to research firm ICC, Apple is currently part of 49% in the global Smart watch market.

Camera Features:

The new iphone models have a remarkable ‘ ultra-wide ‘ rear camera, which is a two hundred percent optical zoom.

The pro models have been maintained with tele-photos and normal lenses, while the iphone 11 has only one ultra-wide lens and standard lens.

Apple has also introduced a new night-mode feature that makes the picture more illuminating when needed, while doing so will also have the ability to reduce the digital noise. Before Google, Sam and Humoy have already introduced similar features in their handsets.

A new facility called Deep fusion is also given. It is capable of giving the best picture at the same time by taking nine pictures and adding pixel bypass. The facility will not be available at the beginning, but it will be provided by a software before the end of the year.

Other new facilities include the ability to shoot the low-motion videos with front camera. The processor of the handset is also upgraded.

Apple has said its central processing unit and graphic processing unit are more powerful than Android phones. Similarly, the chip has been improved to better calculate the data.

The iphone 11 is a little cheaper than the previous x, and its price in the UK will range from 729 pounds to 879 pounds. The pro models of iphone 11 are more expensive than those who came before, and their price increased from 1049 pounds to 1499 pounds.

All these models will be available for sale in the market within the next ten days.


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